Tap Tap Revenge

My first job out of college was working for Tapulous, Inc. as a content/community manager. Days after I joined, the studio was acquired by Disney. I started off integrating music tracks into the game, managing marketing campaigns, and doing user support. I quickly tried to find ways to put my coding skills to work, automating a lot of the digital asset management work and starting to make improvements to our admin panel webapp.

After about a year I transitioned to working on the backend team full time using PHP. We supported many releases in the Tap Tap Revenge family including TTR3, TTR4, TTR Tour, many licensed stand-alone TTR games for artists such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, as well as a new game called Riddim Ribbon.

During the development of TTR Tour, I transitioned over into client programming, working on our custom C++ game engine and Objective-C UI code.

Time~2 Years
TeamTapulous, Inc.
RoleProgrammer, Digital Asset Manager
TechnologiesCustom Engine for iOS/Android (C++/Objective-C), PHP
Completion Date01 July 2012