Triggerboy is an open-hardware electronic synchronization tool to assist in the creation of live music visuals. It is an application for the Arduino hardware platform that is intended to interface with the LittleSoundDJ sequencer for Game Boy handheld systems. It syncs tempo/clock from the Game Boy and can run on-board audio analysis and FFT spectrum analysis. It uses this information to trigger the digital out pins on the Arduino in time with the music.

So far, Triggerboy has been employed during live performances by The Glowing StarsMatthew Joseph Payne and Slime Girls to trigger circuit-bending of NES and Genesis consoles to create glitchy, 8-bit visuals. It has become a regular component in Matthew Joseph Payne's rig for live visual performance. I collaborated with Matt in the design of the unit and the development of the hardware, and wrote all of the software.

It is based on the open-source Arduinoboy code and schematic with heavy modifications.

Here's some videos of the Triggerboy in action, driving a circuit bent game console: Slime Girls @ The Crepe Place, 9/29/2012

Time1.5 months (in free time)
RoleProgrammer, electrical engineer
TechnologiesArduino, C
Completion Date28 September 2012