Live Music Visuals

I have performed as a live visualist for Matthew Joseph Payne and Slime Girls. I draw from a mixture of archival footage, films, realtime video generators/filters, and my own videos. My goal is to create a visual experience that is tightly synchronized with the live musical performance, matching the vibe of the artist and the themes found in their work.

VDMX the tool at the heart of my performance rig, allowing me to combine and tweak all of these elements on the fly. I have used VDMX to create a set of reactive video elements by binding various parameters to MIDI controllers, audio analysis, and tempo, which I can rebind on-the-fly during a performance. Working with VDMX has been great fun, as it is flexible enough to allow many video generators and filters to be turned into reactive visualizers with minimal effort.

I continue to evolve my rig, adding new video generators and tailoring my setup for the needs of the artist. I recently integrated another project of mine, Game Visualizer #1, into my VDMX setup using the window capture function. This allows me to take advantage of its wonderful features while also adding an element of audience interactivity.