Bass Jumper

Bass Jumper is an installation music game made for Whammy Jammy 2012. It's kind of like 4-player DDR, but the focus is on athletics rather than tracking/rhythm skills. You must jump into the air and land on beat in order to score points. The longer you are airborne, the more points you get if you nail the landing.

Daniel Plemmons, one of my teammates did a great write-up on the the game and the jam.

Unfortunately, due to the complicated set-up and hardware required to play this game (4 Arduinos, 4 accelerometers, a projector, and a laptop running Processing and Flash) it's unlikely to ever be played again. But I think its transitory nature is part of what makes it special.

WebsiteGitHub (Client), GitHub (Accelerometer)
EventWhammy Jammy 2012
Time48 hours
RoleProgrammer, electrical engineer
TechnologiesArduino, C, Processing, Flash, ActionScript 3
Completion Date11 November 2012