I want the impossible.

I want to learn music theory and how to play the guitar and the piano and the drums. I want to sing.

I want to learn every language, read every good book, see every good film, play every good game.

I want to drive for hours and have no idea where I'm going

I want to love and kick and scream and get high and get low and be alive

I want to know the greatest ecstasy, the greatest insight, hidden secrets, forgotten wisdom, deep science.

I want to speak code into an electric void and make something beautiful.

I want to live into the impossible
and see infinity.

Because I will grow old
these bright eyes will dim
I will curdle from toxins.

My hands will shake and bones will ache

My loves will die, as will the sun.

And when I am nothing but a photograph
I hope against hope someone will remember me

And say, there is a man who truly lived.

When you remember me, will you smile?