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Processing for Programmers

Processing is a wonderful little language. It's designed to be easy to pick up by artists who want to learn some programming, etc. However, it's a real programming language. If you haven't played with Processing, I'd recommend you go do that right now. They have a great series of tutorials, and of course the entire SDK is […]

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Searching for the perfect editor

Text editors. Yawn. Who cares? It's just text! For many people, it really doesn't make a difference. But I'm a programmer. I edit code for a living. My editor is the tool of my trade and I want to use the most efficient tool available. I'd be preaching to the choir if I was telling […]

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Tool tips: Find

The find utility is so useful for automation that it deserves a special mention on its own. I will not attempt to cover all of its features, only the ones that I use on a daily basis. I typically use find for two purposes: To create a list of files matching some search terms. To […]

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